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by Broken Box Mime Theater 

“Blake Habermann, Ms. Baumwoll and newcomer Regan Sims are almost impossibly emotive, threatening to crack their pancake makeup with the force of their smiles and frowns.”

- Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

-Works by Women Interview with Regan Sims- Click here

The Beyonce by Eliza Bent

Adjusted Realists

Goings on About Town, The New Yorker

"Ms. Sims is luminescent as she takes us on this journey." 

-Times Square Chronicles

“... our protagonist, a delightful and not quite naive Regan Sims..”

-Plays To See

“Recent BFA graduate Regan Sims does a lovely job with Nadia. It’s an awkward role inconsistently requiring her to acknowledge the audience’s presence and on a few occasions refer to herself in the third person. Sims is best when she performs with a strong foil.”

- Theater Pizzazz


Bitter Greens by Clea Decrane


“As costumed by Christianne Bakewell, an elegant Regan Sims shines as Lily.”

-Theatre Scene

7 Things to Do This Weekend

- The New York Times

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Back to the Real by Pia Wilson

Crossroads Theatre Company

“Regan Sims is a loveable bundle of nerves hiding a true Earth mother as Mandy. She exudes personality, and her bursts of panic and elation are both funny and masterfully played.”

-Princeton Info

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